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The Will to DIY

A Spirit of Revolution


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Written: Fall 2019

A series of essays (a monograph) on the practice of “do it yourself” as a sociological rebelliousness, still contained within capitalism, yet harnessing a spirit that deviates from the standard universal, through the machinic craftsman, through the emotive self, and on to political agency in a cyclic discourse.

Academic and comedic Richards’ essays cobble together a philosophic vision of the DIY hobbyist laborer as a means of salvation from politics and alienation.

The text begins with Nietzsche’s notion of the Last man, moves into Marxist estrangement, looks at art and agency through Adorno in a commodified/mediated culture, and on to Mark Fisher, Benjamin Noys, and Frederick James as commentators on the state of change necessary for revolution.

Throughout the pages, Ryder includes images of “Chair,” an art piece utilizing the cheapest lumber to create a place of his own.



Some Commentary

I have never read an academic text that is so down to earth.

Craig Mewbourne

This helped me realize where Ryder’s art springs from. It is a deep insight into a movement I never really got.

Nola Fulkerson

The book is beautifully laid out, and beautifully executed.

Lacy Beasley

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